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Will Melco University teach me how to use my AMAYA machine and DesignShop software?
Absolutely! That's why we're here. We want you to use your Melco products to make your business highly profitable. Learning what you need to know to use these products is a first step in that direction.

Can I get training for older Melco equipment and software, like EMT machines or EDSIV software?
Currently, we only offer on-site training for older equipment and software. However, EDS4 software is similar enough to DesignShop software, that you may be able to benefit from the DesignShop classroom training. Just keep in mind, you'll be seeing screens and functions in training that are not quite the same as your software. Contact one of our on-site trainers in your area for pricing and other information.

I bought a used Melco machine from a private party (not Melco.) Where can I get training?
If you bought a used AMAYA machine or DesignShop, you can come to one of our training facilities for training at a cost of $300.00 a day. If the machinery or software is older, for example EDSIV, EDS III or an EMT-10, you need to contract for a trainer to come to your location. Contact one of our on-site trainers or the Denver training facility for pricing and availability. Visit the Training Options page for a list of training offerings and prices.

What is the tuition at Melco University?
Training is free for six months after customers purchase one or more AMAYA embroidery machines and/or DesignShop software. Check the Training Options Page for information on Melco training prices and availability for every Melco customer.

Can I visit the Melco University campus?
Sort of. You are visiting Melco University right now, via the Internet. We are a "Virtual University," which means we exist in cyber-space, with point-of-contact facilities all over the world. But there is no traditional campus with ivy covered halls and students lounging in the sun. (Our students are much too busy building successful businesses to lounge in the sun, anyway.)