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Melco Trainer Certification FAQ

 I have questions about this program.  Who do I contact?
You can contact Melco for more information about trainer certification.

 How much work will Melco give me?
The amount of Melco training work that you receive depends largley on what part of the country you are in, sales in that area, and how well you train.

How can I get certified to be a contract trainer for Melco?
You can start by purchasing the latest equipment that Melco sells (AMAYA and DesignShop software).  Go to the Trainer Certification Courses and view the requirements for each course.

Do I need a laptop/notebook computer for training?
You will need a laptop to take with you for on-site training. During training, you can install the AMAYA OS and DesignShop software on your computer, so you'll have a fully tested setup by the time you leave.

Here are the minimum system requirements for your laptop.

I have been using embroidery equipment for many years. Is the training really necessary?
Melco's training prepares you to work and learn how to teach AMAYA machines and DesignShop software in a professional environment.  It is necessary to understand our training program and techniques.

  Where do I go for Training Certification?
You have a choice to attand training at one of our classrooms in Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey or Atlanta. 

   Will there be a charge for Training Certificaion?
No, not if you own Melco's current equipment and software.