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This course is the same course as the fundimentals course.  It is to be taken from a training perspective on how to teach Melco customers in a classroom environment.  You will learn how to teach DesignShop software and AMAYA machine operations and software.  You will also learn how to teach the basic applications in hooping caps and flats, backings, needles and placements.  Level I Trainers typically teach on-site training to new embroiders using approved class outlines.

After completing this course, you will be able to teach Melco customers on the following products:

  • DesignShop Lite, DesignShop, DesignShop Pro (no digitizing)
  • Embroidery applicaitons
  • AMAYA machine and AMAYA OS software
  • Cap sewing
  • Machine maintenance
  • Machine installation

To be certified as a Level I Trainer, you will be required to demonstrate your abilities by taking a written test.  The instructor of the class will then make recomendations on your capabilities to teach customers.  You will then be asked to shadow another trainer at a customer location prior to teaching your first class.

If you would like to apply to become a Certified Melco Trainer or Technician, please send an email with an introductory letter of interest and your resume to jobs@melco.com.  All contract work is contingent upon the accuracy of the statements of your abilities and qualifications as discussed in your resume and during an interview. You will also be required to pass a background check.


  • Fundamentals course
  • Very familiar with DesignShop Software and AMAYA machine and Software operations
  • One to two years experience in the embroidery industry
  • Ability to travel
  • Laptop computer that is up-to-date and meets the current system requirements
  • An email with an introductory letter of interest and your resume to jobs@melco.com

Class Locations:

  • Denver, Colorado