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Course: Amaya Machine OS

Class Length: 2 Days
Offered 2 to 4 times a month at most US Training Facilities.

This class is usually combined with the 2-day DesignShop: Lettering, & Editing class, to allow customers to take both classes during the same week. Customers who do not wish to take the DesignShop portion, may only attend the first 2 days. If you own both AMAYA and DesignShop, we recommend that you attend all 4 days to get the most out of your Melco products.

The Amaya Machine OS class is part of the 2 Day software/application course offered to new and existing embroiderers that purchased the Amaya machine either new or used from Melco.  AMAYA's operating system is a visual based software that has many unique utilities that enhance the embroidery process. You will learn how to load a design;  set the colors; and how to select a hoop Once the design is all ready to sew you can watch the design sew stitch-by-stitch live on the computer screen.

Subjects Covered:

  • Loading and configuring software
  • Security keys 
  • Control panel features 
  • Auto Actifeed vs Standard Actifeed
  • Visual check capabilities before hitting start
  • Queue designs for pending jobs  
  • Auto maintenance notification
  • Specialty thread adjustments 
  • Visual step-by-step help for maintenance
  • Operator notes
  • Settings by Color feature
  • Thread break back-up/color groups
  • Cap settings
  • Presser Foot adjustments
  • AMAYA/computer connections and start-up
  • AMAYA keypad operation
  • AMAYA OS software functions, menus, toolbars, display tabs, interactivity, and messaging
  • AMAYA's Control Panel vs. Design View screen
  • Hoop sizes, hooping techniques, backing, and specialized accessories
  • Changing AMAYA bobbins, thread, and needles
  • Bobbin tensioning
  • Design file formats
  • Color/needle sequencing
  • Needle and thread types and uses
  • Presser foot height adjustments
  • Using AMAYA's cap frames and cap driver
  • Routine maintenance of your AMAYA
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices for using your AMAYA