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DESIGNSHOP BASICS: Lettering and Editing

Class Length: Series of 4 Webinars

This series of webinars are offered and recommended for new and pre existing embroiderers who have upgraded from EDS II, EDS III, or EDS IV to any level of DesignShop. This is also one of the prerequisite classes for the digitizing series of webinars.

Subjects covered:

  • An introduction to the DesignShop software environment
  • Security Keys
  • Lettering how to's (baselines, underlays)
  • Small letter settings
  • Fabric adjustment features
  • Density and stitch lengths of embroidery
  • Embroidery stitch types
  • Base line features
  • Manual adjustments for difficult fabircs
  • Embroidery alphabets
  • True type fonts
  • Monogram alphabets
  • Adding lettering to designs
  • Mirror, copy, and paste
  • Saving your work (file options)
  • Editing designs for different fabrics
  • Adding and removing color changes
  • Adding and removing trims & lock stitches
  • Global stitch and size adjustments
  • Individual stitch editing in expanded files
  • Converting expanded files to wireframe files
  • Adding or removing stitches in a design
  • Editing wire frame points in a design